What you want

Why do we do what is wrong? To get something we want.  If that wrong thing offered nothing, we would not do it.  Cheat on the test for a better grade, cheat on the spouse for attention, make a not so up and up business deal for the money.

Jesus promises that he’ll give us WHATEVER we ask for.  Can you imagine that power?  I want a sunny day – poof.  I want a bazillion dollar mansion – poof.  So there are some prerequisites before he gives us this power, but the promise is still there and demonstrated in Jesus’ life.  John 15

The devil says the same thing to me that he said to Eve in the garden: God’s lying.  Look around you, no one has that kind of power.  You can’t either and you’ll just end up doing without.  The devil is telling me that there really is only one way to get what I want and need, his way.  

Now we stand at the crossroads.  We can have what we want either way.  One has baggage and painful consequences, the other has prerequisites.  Both require work and sacrifice.  Which do we choose?