What is love – really

She hung blue silk butterflies on the valances. Below the chandeliers, fluffy, pink and white birds hung among diamonds and glass droplets. There’s a little brown bear with a purple scarf on my bedside table.  I never noticed it until now. She made everything around her beautiful, including my life. What do I do now that she’s gone?

Why is it that only now I can see the beauty in the stacks of dishes and serving ware. Etchings on huge glass bowls glint in the morning sunlight. Greens and reds and blues on Spanish clayware, and hand painted flowers on vases feel like a Mexican vacation. I always hated the clutter. Now I understand the warmth and safety of its company.

I look at all the fluffy, lace, sparkly, and pink. It was her style. It wasn’t really my style. But she was my style, and every ounce of me loved every ounce of her her. Now that she’s gone I won’t change a thing.

She was a amazing. I have never met anyone like her. Yet at the same time she was still human with all the accompanying quirks and idiosyncrasies. Now that her humanity is gone I am left with her amazingness, and wonder why I ever let the humanity of a person outshine their divinity. We see what we want to. We’ll find what we’re looking for – whether it’s there or not. Why not use that incredible gift to see only the best of a person.  When it’s all said and done, that’s what love is.