What an idiot

You might be an incompetent fool.

 bottles of assorted alcoholic beveragesThe Dunning–Kruger effect shows how incompetent people tend to think they are really good at what they do while highly competent ones tend to think they’re not.  It’s a recurring theme.  Fools think they’re wise, and the wise realize how foolish they are.   Unethical people think they’re good and the really good people see all their own badness.

I think it’s funny that the wiser we feel the more likely we aren’t, and if we think we’re good people, we’re probably not.  It’s like alcohol; the more you drink the less you are able to tell how drunk you are.

I guess the best we can do, is set our sights on God and his wisdom and goodness, and be prepared to always look like a fool in comparison.  Then the minute we start feeling wise or *good, we know where we’re not looking, and we know we’re in trouble.

*Note: There is a huge difference between being good and being valuable.   The world around you mixes the two and says that you must be good to be valued.  When we can’t be good it says that that those bad things aren’t that bad – so you can still be OK.  God says, “no, the bad things are still bad, but I adore you anyway.  To me you are unspeakably precious.”