The memorial

Melting candleThe candle outside my front door finally flickered out. My friend heard the news, and left it there. Day and night it burned, as if to fight away the gathering shadows. Now it seems even the brightest lights can’t keep them away. Nine days, eight hours and thirty minutes ago, my best friend for 23 years, my lover, my confidante and most trusted advisor, my beautiful wife took her final step into the arms of the only one who loves her more than I do.

The house still looks the same, it’s still full of her pinks and fluffies, and all the sparkly things she loved so much – the way the sky still glows after the sun has gone down. I still talk to her, “honey where do you keep the pillow cases? Do you know what so-and-so said about you?” Now there is no answer. I used to listen to her voice messages over and over; I loved the sound of her voice. Now, they’re all I have. How long will the sunset glow last? Suddenly, I’m terrified oncoming night.

I remember so much. Your face, so pale the last time I kissed it. Your lips so blue. I couldn’t breath life back into them. I stroked your hair and said please, please come back, but you we’re already gone.

So instead, I’ll remember that rich full voice, your infectious smile, the way you made everyone feel important. You were so open and gentle, even strangers would pour their hearts out to you without meaning to.

You never heard the word no and always managed to perform the impossible. You had an incredible eye for beautiful things and always got the most unbelievable deals.

You were the best friend a person could have. Anyone who knew you, knew that you’d move heaven and earth if they ever needed help. You always remembered people’s names and birthdays and always went out of your way to make sure they knew how much you meant to them.

I suppose the star the burns the brightest, burns out the fastest. Now there’s a hole in the sky, a black void where you used to shine on my world. It’s like that for all of us. Nothing will ever replace you. I’m going to take the best of you and try to be like that. Honey, I miss you like crazy, we all do, and will until we see you again.