Your thought for the day: SO WHAT!
Pretty much everything that we worry about has absolutely no eternal value. We tell a story in our heads, imagining this is how it will turn out, or that will happen. What if it does and everything goes to hell in a handbasket? So what? If it all goes great or it all goes bad we die either way and it all amounts to nothing of real value.
So why worry about it? God has an amazing plan. One whose outcome has eternal significance; something that will really last. Something really worthwhile, and incidentally, the only thing that we will find truly fulfilling.
So we make a trade: all our plans and aspirations of no value, for things of eternal value. We dump all our dreams in his lap, and with them all of our worries and stress. He gives us back an amazing life, life with a purpose and with fulfillment and with eternal value … and all that without worry and stress.
God Bless. Have a great day.