“This extraordinary adventure took me on a soul-stirring journey that left me so profoundly moved I found myself at the piano writing a theme for one of the characters. This book is an absolute must-read.”

Joshua Mize, Film Score Composer

Heart-pumping action, fantastical elements, a spellbinding journey. If you liked Harry Potter, you’ll love Ragabones!”

Amy Herrick, World Traveler

“What a wonderful, wholesome, and inspiring novel for preteens and teens!”

Stevie Stone, Avid Reader
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As if Josh having his memory stolen by an over-protective mother wasn’t enough, his older brother, Pete, wins every trophy and never lets him forget it. And oh yeah, Mom’s an ex-god of the underworld, so it’s no surprise their family has enemies.

Maybe that’s why Dad’s missing. Maybe that’s why ragged scars crisscross Josh’s throat. It’s definitely why Josh accidentally sprung the trap — the one that opened a portal and released the demon who now hunts them.

Turns out there’s another world; one with castles and dragons, and prisons that dangle into hell. That’s the world where Josh and Pete find Dad turned to stone, the world with entire cities enslaved by the demon. As the brothers race to undo Josh’s colossal mistake, Josh’s mysterious past comes to light, and Josh must choose between the fate of the world and the lives of his family.