We will not win the battle.  We are pawns in this skirmish to be used to advance the cause.  We are on the board for one reason: sacrifice.  We have the power to take down kings and queens, yet are still destined to pay the ultimate price.

Good will never triumph over evil when it comes to the running of, and ideology of this world.  Evil will always have the majority. This is the true test of worthiness: are you willing to lose for justice?  It is a test because there is no visible reward.

Yet, we lose now to win ultimately.  We fight against evil and take the cause of good to those in the darkness, giving any and all the chance to join the good fight. The goal is not to win now.  The goal is to strive to win now, lose, and win in the end.

Chuck Missler reminds us there is an unseen spiritual battle going on. We only get to experience the tiniest piece of it. It’s like chess and we are like pawns; every character on the board is stronger: they’re just soldiers, they can’t even retreat. Yet, they are the only pieces that get promoted, and if they continue until the end, are changed to the most powerful piece on the board.