Dance in the Rain

dancing in the rainOh it sounds so sexy doesn’t it?  Dancing in the rain.  But rain is cold and being wet makes the wind even colder.  Bedraggled, shivering, and utterly miserable in the rain is more realistic.  But if you were a tree, you’d need that rain to grow.   You’d love to bask in the sun and spread our leaves toward a blue sky, but without the rain you would wither away.   In my life it’s raining right now – a hurricane actually.  The sky is dark and I cannot find the sun.  It’s been going on so long, and I’m so down, I’m beginning to wonder if it ever existed.   Blessed is the person who trusts in the Lord, right?  So I’m on my knees, and there God reminds me that we need these times of darkness and pain – like the rain – to grow.   Rather than cry and live in self pity, we should dance and sing.    Huh?  It seems crazy, but we should thank God that he loves us enough to give us what we need to become all that we can.  He will not allow so much rain that we drown, only as much as we need (Isaiah 42:3Isaiah 42:32 Corinthians 4:8-9).   The same applies for the sun; too much of that will kill a tree.   No matter how much we like it, God will protect us from that too.

Maybe not dancing, but bedraggled, shivering, … and smiling.